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Queen of the Gypsies
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QUEEN OF THE GYPSIES, a Portrait of Carmen Amaya (1913-1963).

“A powerful new film, a stunning success. Breathtaking footage of Carmen Amaya.”
The Boston Globe

“Terrific and politically astute”.
The Village Voice

This is the most comprehensive video history on the life and art of Carmen Amaya in the world, truly a collector’s item.

Queen of the Gypsies is a feature length biography of the greatest Romani performer to bring the Art of Flamenco to the international stage. Carmen Amaya was possibly the greatest Flamenco dancer who ever lived and one of the greatest dancers of the millennium. This biographical portrait contains the most complete number of archival dance clips, ever seen, world wide, of this phenomenal artist. Interviews with family members, scholars, friends and former company members give Amaya’s spectacular virtuosity a personal dimension, as do the countless vintage photographs. With original music by Carmen Amaya, Sabicas and Domingo Alvarado.

Winner of four awards including Best Documentary, North America from the Latino International Film Festival in San Francisco.

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